State 4-5-6 Children’s Honor Choir Repertoire

2011 – Angela Broeker, director

A Piper in the Streets Today, Graham Alliance, AMP 0428
Where the Music Comes From, Hoiby, G. Schirmer/Hal Leonard 50488946
Hava Nashira, arr. Leavitt, Hal Leonard 08552040
Die Forelle, Schubert, arr. Boshkoff, Santa Barbara SBMP 355
En la Feria de San Juan, arr. Nemeth, Posthorn Press/Hal Leonard C1003
Banjo Sam, arr Jay Broeker, commissioned piece

2010 – Anton Armstrong, director

Sing Praise to the Mighty God, J.S. Bach/arr. Hal Hopson, Choristers Guild CGA 942
Prayer Litany, Helen Kemp, Choristers Guild CGA 747
Cantate Domino, Jesus Lopez Moreno, VocalEssence Publications
The Drinking Gourd, arr. Andre J. Thomas, Heritage Music Press 15/1564H
This Little Light of Mine, arr. Ken Berg, Colla Voce 20-96460
Jabberwocky (Join the Dance), Carolyn Jennings, Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6555

2009 – Greg Reierson, director

A Joyful Song, Mary Lynn Lightfoot, Heritage 15/2476
Shoshone Love Song, Roger Emerson, Jensen 40326498
Johnny Said, ‘No’!, Vijay Singh, Heritage 15/2032
And This Shall Be For Music, Mary Lynn Lightfoot, Heritage 15/24791H
Non Nobis, Domine, William Byrd/arr. Bartle, Hinshaw HMC1161
Cantar!, Jay Althouse, Alfred 19311
American Folk Rhapsody, arr. Linda Spevacek, Heritage 15/2122H

2008 – Teri Larson, director

Eja, Eja!, Mary Lynn Lightfoot, Lorenz 15/1598H
The Heaven’s Declare Thy Glory, J. S. Bach/arr. Burkhardt, MorningStar MSM 50-7503
O Colored Earth, Steve Heitzeg, Stone Circle Music OCE
What Color is the Music?, Tom Porter, Lorenz 15/1593H
Fire Mary Goetze, Hal Leonard 48004254
Appalachian Suite I, arr. Christine Jordanoff, Hal Leonard 48004292

2007 – Earlene Rentz, director

Alleluia Fanfare, Earlene Rentz, Alfred 23949
Sing for Joy, George F. Handel/arr. Spevacek, Lorenz 15/1286H
Gloria, David Giardiniere, Lorenz 15/2200H
Japanese Snow Song, arr. Brownsey/Lantz, Alfred 27320
Hine Ma Tov, Allan E. Naplan, Hal Leonard 48004533
We Sing Through the Rain, Earlene Rentz, Hinshaw HMC2137
Old Joe Clark, arr. Earlene Rentz, Lorenz 15/1981H

2006 – Julia Fahey, director

Two Native American Songs, arr. Barbara Sletto, Plymouth HLCC-200
Bist Du Bei Mir, J. S. Bach, Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6716
Papageno, Pagagena Duet, W. A. Mozart/arr Rao, Boosey & Hawkes M-051-47395-3
The Heavenly Aeroplane, John Rutter, Oxford University Press
The Irish Rover, arr. Dwyer & Ellis, Colla Voce 24-96890
El Pambiche Lento, arr. Juan-Tony Guzman, Boosey & Hawkes M-051-47277-2
O Sifuni Mungo, arr. Roger Emerson, Hal Leonard 40326305

2005 – Ann Wingert Williams & Diane Nielsen, directors

Skye Boat Song, arr. Greg Gilpin, Shawnee Press B0614
Keep in the Middle of the Road, Russell Robinson, Heritage 15/1947H
La Palmoma Se Fue, arr. Alejandro Jimenez, World Music Press VTS11
Torah Orah, Brant Adams, Santa Barbara SBMP 324
On a Snowy Evening, Julie Wheeler, Brilee Music BL459
An American Folksong Spectacular, arr John Leavitt, Hal Leonard 08740598

2004 – Cristian Grases, director

For the Beauty of the Earth, John Rutter, Hinshaw HMC 469
Go Down Moses, arr. Mark Hayes, Hinshaw HMC 1302
Elefantea Nun Da?, Alberto Grau, GGM Editores
Jamaican Marketplace, Larry Farrow, Larry Farrow Music JG 2173
Tutira Mai, Anthony Ritchie
That Dixieland Sound, Don Besig/Nancy Price, Alfred 7911

2003 – Elizabeth Grefsheim, director

Five Little Chickens, Daniel Kallman, Mark Foster YSO402
Dance of the Willow, Victoria Ebel-Sabo, Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6745
The Legend of the Glooscap and Wasis, Michael Halstenson
Impart, Stephen Paulus, Paulus Publications SP138
Cedar Swamp, Jay Broeker, Santa Barbara SBMP 442
Song for World Peace, Marty Haugen/arr. Grundahl, Mark Foster YSO501

2002 – Mary Goetze, director

Jubilate, Carolee R. Curtright, Choristers Guild CGA582
Winter Wind, Victoria Ebel-Sabo, Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6746
Bee I’m Expecting You, Emma Lou Diemer, Alliance AMP 0004
Sawgrass Songs, Mary Goetze, Alliance AMP 0357
Heartland, Mary Goetze, Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6836

2001 – Joan Gregoryk, director

Psalm 100, Ruth Watson Henderson, Hinshaw HMC 1170
Ode to Music, Malcolm Williamson, Josef Weinberger Ltd.
Faywood School Songs:
   Stars, Laryso Kuzmenko, Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6747
   Winds, Laryso Kuzmenko, Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6833
L’dor vador, Valerie Shields, Pavanne P1135
Mary Had a Little Blues, Charles A. Collins, Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6758
“Gloria tibi” from Mass, Leonard Bernstein, Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6344

2000 – Angela Broeker, director

Cuncti Simus Llibre, Vermell/ed. Soto, Santa Barbara SBMP 306
I Will Sing New Songs of Gladness, Antonin Dvorak
Winds of Peace, arr. Nancy Grundahl, Plymouth HL 264
E Nana Kakou I Na Manu, Herb Mahelona, Plymouth HL 547
Tailor of Gloucester, arr. Cyndee Giebler, Plymouth HL 545
Fairest Lady, Nick Page, Boosey & Hawkes M-051-4719-9
Johnson Boys, arr. Jay Broeker, Boosey & Hawkes M-051-46817-1

1999 – David Mennicke, director

Musica est Dei Donum Optimi, Rolande de Lassus/ed. Rao, Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6449
Come With Hearts and Voices Sounding, J. S. Bach/arr. Scott, Morningstar MSM 50-9402
God of Mercy, We Implore Thee, Claudio Monteverdi/arr. Hopson, Hope AG7213
A La Ru, Paul Stuart, Santa Barbara SBMP 283
Tum Balalaika, arr. Jay Broeker, Santa Barbara SBMP 228
Marienwurmchen (Ladybug), Johannes Brahms/ed. Goetze, Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6521
I Never Saw A Moor, Neil Ginsberg, Santa Barbara SBMP 230
I’m Goin Up A’Yonder, Walter Hawkins/arr. Sirvatka, Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6451

1998 – Dan LeJeune, director

A Trumpet Song, Henry Purcell/arr. Goldsbrough, Oxford OM15
Non Nobis Domine, William Byrd, Hinshaw HMC 1161
Solstice, Randall Thompson, E. C. Schirmer 4289
La Violette, arr. Susan Brumfield, Plymouth HL 251
Einini, arr. Cyndee Giebler, Plymouth HL 541
Old Joe Clark, arr. Mary Goetze, Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6125
Sh’ma Yisrael, Barbara Wolfman, Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6992
Look To This Day!, Bob Chilcott
   (commissioned for the 1998 ACDA Elementary Honor Choir)
The Five Little Chickens, Daniel Kallman, Mark Foster YS 402

1997 – Nancy Grundahl, director

An die Musik (To Music), Franz Schubert, Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6366
We Will Sing For Joy, Scarlatti/arr. Lowe, Choristers Guild CGA 202
Children Blessed of the Lord, Felix Mendelssohn, Mark Foster YS 505
The Lord is My Shepherd, Gregg Smith, G. Schimer 12325
Kalinka, arr. Joan Gregoryk, Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6785
Daybreak, Stephen Paulus, Paulus Press
Shenandoah, arr. Keith Riehle, Oxford University Press 95.416
Old MacDoodle Had a Band, David Elliott, Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6661

1994 – Anton Armstrong, director

Prepare Thyself, Zion, J. S. Bach, Morningstar MSM 50-0415
Thy Holy Wings, arr. John Ferguson, Augsburg 11-5360
I Am The Light, Ralph Johnson, Augsburg 11-1679
The Incarnation, Ronald A. Nelson, Mark Foster YS 303
Pal Pa Haugen, arr. Bradley Ellingboe, KJOS ED 6227
Three More Rhymes, Paul Bouman, Manuscript
   The Moon
   Bed In Summer
   My Shadow

The Gospel Train, arr. Robert Morris, Manuscript

1992 – Paul Bouman, director

You Shall Have A Song, Harriet Ziegenhals, Hope A557
Art Thou Troubled?, G. F. Handel, Novello (Presser) SS1038
I Lift My Eyes To The Hills, Paul Bouman, Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6550
Carol of Creation, Shirley T. McCrae, Chorister’s Guild
How Lovely And Green Is The Earth, Helen Kemp, Chorister’s Guild CGA609
Mrs. Snipkin and Mrs. Wobblechin, David L. Brunner, Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6533
Three Rhymes From A Child’s Garden, Paul Bouman, Manuscript
   The Swing
   Where Go The Boats?
   The Land of Counterpane

Join the Dance, Carolyn Jennings, Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6553

1990 – Helen Kemp, director

To Music, arr. Betty Bertaux, Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6573
Flocks in Pastures Green Abiding, J. S. Bach, Oxford OCS1631
The Path to the Moon, Eric Thiman, Boosey & Hawkes 6114
All Things Bright and Beautiful, John Rutter, Hinshaw HMC 663
Patapan, arr. Audrey Snyder, Belwin SV8930
Follow the Star, arr. Helen Kemp, Choristers Guild CGA 484
Oh, Dear! What Can the Matter Be?, arr. Ruth Artman, Curtis/KJOS C8625
I’m Goin’ Up A Yonder, Walter Hawkins, Boosey & Hawkes OCTB6451

1988 – Karen Wolff, director