Repertoire & Resources Chairs


Position: R&R Coordinator
Name: Allan Hawkins


Position: Youth Choir Coordinator
Name: Caroline Swanson

Position: Children and Community Youth
Name: Marie Scholtz

Position: Jr. High School / Middle School Choirs
Name: Reid Larsen

Position: High School Choirs
Name: Randall Schafer


Position: Collegiate Coordinator
Name: Dwight Jilek

Position: College and University Choirs
Name: Michael McGaghie

Position: Youth and Student Activities
Name: Bradley Miller


Position: Lifelong Coordinator
Name: Matthew Culloton

Position: Minnesota Composers
Name: Matthew Culloton

Position: Community Choirs
Name: Tim Sawyer

Position: Music in Worship
Name: Vacant


Position: Repertoire Specific Coordinator
Name: Diane Heaney

Position: Ethnic Music
Name: Carole Whitney

Position: Jazz Choirs
Name: Jennifer Parker

Position: TTBB Choirs
Name: Gene Peterson

Position: Contemporary Commercial
Name: Erynn Millard

Position: SSAA Choirs
Name: Sarah Cohen