Privacy Policy

All information contained in publications of ACDA of Minnesota is copyright protected. This includes (but is not limited to) addresses both physical and electronic published in the Star of the North, the Membership Directory and on the ACDA of Minnesota website.
Any communications used via addresses obtained in published information is restricted to professional or personal use only. Commercial use of ACDA of Minnesota member addresses is strictly prohibited. This includes product promotion, cold calls and "spamming" (sending unsolicited emails).

Organizations may rent the use of member postal addresses for professional announcements (workshops, concerts, etc.). Organizations renting the list agree to a one-time use basis only. The email list may also be utilized, but only through a representative of ACDA of Minnesota. No emails will be released to non-members.

The email address of ACDA of Minnesota Leadership that appear on the website are for communications regarding ACDA of Minnesota only. Commercial use, including "spamming", is prohibited.