2013 ACDA National Conference, Dallas, TX

Greetings ACDA Presidents----

One hundred ninety-nine days . . .

That may sound like a long time to wait for something, but in our profession we all know that 199 days passes in a heartbeat.

One hundred ninety-nine days is exactly how much time is remaining before the 2013 ACDA National Conference in Dallas, Texas (March 13-16).

Friends, over the next few months this office will provide you with a variety of media to help you build enthusiasm for the Conference.  That flow of information will also reach the various R&S chairs to enable them to entice their respective constituencies to Dallas.

Attached is a PowerPoint presentation designed by Conference Chair Karen Fulmer that highlights the venues and major events planned for the conference.  PLEASE use this on your respective websites.  We have also attached the PowerPoint Dialogue for those who will choose to present this at a meeting or other gathering.

Thanks all,


Dr. Scott W. Dorsey
Director of Education & Communication
American Choral Directors Association
545 Couch Drive
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  73102