ACE (Advocate for Choral Excellence) Award

First presented in 2008 by the ACDA-MN Board of Directors, the ACE (Advocate for Choral Excellence) Award was established to recognize the outstanding efforts of individuals who support the choral art in their communities.


  1. The ACE award is designed to celebrate the efforts of people across Minnesota who have done outstanding work for their communities, serving the choral art.
  2. The ACE award helps “bring to light” the creative ways people have nurtured the choral art.
  3. The ACE award increases the awareness of the ACDA-MN membership of the quality work being performed on a regular basis throughout our state.
  4. The ACE award provides a way for each District to celebrate their members’ work, increasing awareness and building on our statewide history of “grassroots” development.


  1. An ACE award is chosen by an ACDA-MN District Chair, with nominations from district members.
  2. ACDA-MN District Chairs may only award a ACE to residents who work in their respective district.
  3. ACE awards, being at the discretion of the ACDA-MN District Chair, may be awarded for a myriad of reasons, as long as recognition goes for “outstanding work for a program or community, serving the choral art.”
  4. An ACE award nominee does not have to be a member of ACDA-MN.
  5. District Chairs must submit ACE recipient names in their reports before the June Board meeting, and may not contact recipients until the Board has met.
  6. ACEs will be awarded at the concluding banquet of Summer Dialogue, and will be recognized again in the fall issue of Star of the North. 
  7. An ACE recipient is expected to receive the award in person or through a proxy at the Summer Dialogue banquet.

There is no form. Names for consideration may be forwarded by emailing any District Chair.